We use predominantly 3mm premium grade mdf.  We can laser cut 4mm, 6mm and 9mm but these have a knock on effect to our turnaround timescales as they take longer to cut.

The mdf we use we have selected after testing a variety of mdf grades and found that the one we use is best for us and our customers.  It comes from a reputable company.  The mdf is already sanded on both sides and therefore ready to use straight away.

The mdf is laser cut on one of our several large industrial bed lasers.  As with all lasered products there will be an element of burn to the edges.  This is unavoidable.  Any odour from the lasering should diminish quickly in a well ventilated room or after painting.  The products are best painted or decoupaged but can be used in their natural state as some people prefer.  The lasered edges and backs may require a light sand if you want to use in their natural state but we do not sand them before sending out.   This would add additional cost to each and every product.

We cut each order to order, we do not carry stock, this is to keep the costs down for our customers.  If we had to carry stock we would need another warehouse the same size as the one we use to cut and this would increase our product prices which we do not want to do.  Also, we do offer many variations in sizes of products with or without holes that carrying stock of each option just is not viable.  This of course means that there is a time implication on getting orders out but we do work very hard to keep this to a minimum but bespoke and personalised orders will go into a design queue.  Once designed they are then sent through for cutting on an oldest order first basis. 


We use a top quality deep route 18mm mdf.  This means the mdf is the same density throughout and less sanding if any before painting.

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us.