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2 Holes For Hanging Plinth Stand (+£2.50) Removable Feet (Best Seller) No Feet, No Holes, Basic Shape


Medium 40x40cm MDF Square Wedding Guest Plaque Drop Box

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The design comes as standard with 2 feet as shown in photo 3.
If you would like a plinth please select it from the drop down, this is charged at £2.50
If you would like holes to hang, Choose "
Holes For Hanging"
If you would like the box without holes for you to place on your own easel, choose "No Feet, No Holes, Basic Shape for Easel"

We have other sizes available here.


The item is made of 4 layers of different thickness of mdf and perspex.

The item can be painted on the front, back and plinth.

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

All of our crafting shapes and blanks are laser cut(*) for a clean precision crafting blank or detailed shape.

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