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300mm 400mm (+£1.00)


Special Orders - your own plinth design ordered here only - minimum charge is £7.50 to cover design costs.

You can order your own plinth design here.  The photos on this item are examples of designs we have made for customers and this option is for ordering your own plinth design not necessarily one of these examples.  Please state exactly what you want in the text area and facebook us with any pictures or photos of the design you are wanting as this will help us design your piece.

You can have your design the standard width of 30cm or pay extra for it to be wider at 40cm.  We can make signs a lot bigger than 40cm but please discuss this with us before ordering due to packaging restrictions we need to be sure we can get your item to you.

Please discuss with us first before ordering to ensure we can accommodate your requirements.

Please do not order here without discussing your order/design first.

We will then tell you how much your design/quote will be and you can check the correct price box

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

All of our crafting shapes and blanks are laser cut(*) for a clean precision crafting blank or detailed shape.

We reserve the right to alter any designs at any time, by purchasing this item you agree to our Terms & Conditions (opens in new window).

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