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3mm White 069 Acrylic 3mm Primary Red 433 Acrylic 3mm Primary Green 650 Acrylic 3mm Black 962 Acrylic

1 Stocking - 4 Snowflakes 2 Stocking - 3 Snowflakes 3 Stocking - 2 Snowflakes 4 Stocking - 1 Snowflakes 5 Stocking - 0 Snowflakes


Acrylic Plaque with Santa Head, Stockings & Snowflakes
This plaque has been designed in conjunction with, Using their vinyl you can create the look shown in the second photo.

You can select how many stockings you want, the rest will be made up by snowflakes. such as 3 stockings means you would get 2 snowflakes.
The plaque measures 20cm wide.

(*) Sizes advertised are based on the longest dimension

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