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2 Holes top even (along top - longest edge)(2.5mm holes) No Holes


Wedding Heart Shaped Guest Book - different amount of heart options now available!

The Heart is displayed with hearts.  The hearts can be left unpainted or painted and guest from your wedding can add their names and small comment on a heart and eventually all can be placed on a mounted board.  Any unwritten hearts can be painted in your wedding colours or covered in diamanté to add that extra sparkle to the item when mounted.  The hearts do vary in size so some will not be big enough to write on whereas others will be, the smaller ones are needed to join the whole thing together.

50 - 400mm wide x 300mm high

60 - 400mm wide by 304mm high

75 - 400mm wide x 333mm high

80 - 400mm wide by 315mm high

100 - 600mm wide x 421mm high

125 - 600mm x 471mm high

150 - 600mm wide by 471mm high

The 200 heart gues book is a massive 600mm wide x 545mm high

(*) Sizes advertised are based on the longest dimension

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

All of our crafting shapes and blanks are laser cut(*) for a clean precision crafting blank or detailed shape.

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