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10 (+£5.50) 1 (+£2.00) 2 (+£2.50) 3 (+£3.00) 4 (+£3.50) 5 (+£4.00) 6 (+£4.50) 7 (+£5.00) 8 (+£5.50) 9 (+£6.00) 0


18mm Tumbling Names/Words

Our shape is perfect for adding that extra special touch to all crafting designs.

PRICE IS£2.50 for the first letter then you choose the balance of letters being adding from the list.  So a name such as Jessica will be 6 extra letters total cost £7.00

Sizes available: 

  • 20cm

Please note that if you order words with a capital and lowercase only the capital will be the size you ordered, other letters will be in proportion.  Letters with tails such as y, g, and q would best be ordered in capitals so they will stand.  Some rounded letters will have their bottom edge sanded to make them stand or may have an added flat piece as we think necessary for the letter to stand properly.  If we have any issues with any letter you have ordered we will contact you.


CNC Routered Deep Route MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

We reserve the right to alter any designs at any time, by purchasing this item you agree to our Terms & Conditions (opens in new window).

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