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One Name Two Names (+£2.00)

For 20cm letter (+£1.00) No thank you for 40cm letter (+£1.50) for 30cm letter (+£1.50) for 25cm letter (+£1.00)

300mm (+£2.00) 250mm (+£1.00) 200mm 350mm (+£3.00) 400mm (+£4.00) 500mm (+£6.00)


18mm thick mdf letter and separatename

Gorgeous design of a capital letter with separate name to paint in contrasting colour and stick on top.

Note the width will depend on the letter chosen.

Please choose the font you require and write the letter and name in the box provided.

Note these will not freestand with a name attached.


Sizes available:

20cm high

25cm high

30cm high

35cm high

40cm high

50cm high


These are lasered to give a sharp clean finish and do not need sanding or any preparation other than painting! 

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

All of our crafting shapes and blanks are laser cut(*) for a clean precision crafting blank or detailed shape.

We reserve the right to alter any designs at any time, by purchasing this item you agree to our Terms & Conditions (opens in new window).

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