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Freestanding Personalised Wedding sign - 15cm high in total - width will be determined by name chosen.

Our design is perfect for adding that extra special touch to all wedding designs. 

The overall width will depend on the surname chosen. 

Price is £1.00 per letter for the surname.  The Mr & Mrs or Mr & Mr or Mrs&Mrs are included in the basic price of £5 then add how many letters are in the surname i.e. Mr&MrsJones would be £5 + 5 x £1 per letter for Jones total price £10.00

The overall height is  approximately 15cm but we can make larger or smaller, but don't forget this will have an impact on the overall width, signs over 60cm wide will incur a further postage cost as will need to be sent by courier.

Double barrelled names can be name on an extra line so the height would be taller than 15cm

(*) Sizes advertised are based on the longest dimension

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