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3mm Pale Baby Pink 4522 3mm Lemon Bonbon 2170 Acrylic 3mm Ivory 133 Acrylic 3mm Lilac SA 7562 Acrylic 3mm Candy Floss Blue 7489 Acrylic 3mm Bright Pink 4415 Acrylic 3mm Orange 363 Acrylic 3mm Primary Yellow 260 Acrylic 3mm Lime Green 6T81 Acrylic 3mm Purple 886 Acrylic 3mm Silver Mirror Acrylic 3mm Gold Mirror Acrylic 3mm Pink Mirror

Our Popsicle sticks are made from 3mm thick acrylic and measure 11cm x 1cm wide.

The back of the mirror acrylic is grey and does not peel off.

the pastel colours are matt one side and glossy the other.

All other colours are glossy both sides.

(*) Sizes advertised are based on the longest dimension

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

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