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4mm (+£1.00) No spacer thank you 6mm (+£2.00)

300mm wide 800mm wide (+£5.00) 700mm wide (+£4.00) 600mm wide (+£3.00) 500mm wide (+£2.00) 400mm wide (+£1.00)


Freestanding Bordered Perspex Street Sign Frame - from 300mm wide to 800mm wide x 150mm high 

The design is made from 18mm mdf, the perspex is 2mm thick and there is a 4mm mdf border.

The shape is designed so you can add vinyl lettering on top of the perspex and cover the 18mm shape in paper, card, glitter, wallpaper or whatever you want for that something a little bit different.

The 4mm border can be painted, then glued on top of the perspex and the perspex glues onto the 18mm shape.

There is now the option to add a spacer so you can drop shapes, glitter, snowflakes etc into the space between the perspex and back board.  The 4mm spacer will allow 3mm shapes such as hearts, stars to be dropped in the 6mm gives more room for a layered effect and thicker items can be dropped in such as little polystyrene snowballs for Christmas themed designes.


Laser and CNC Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

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