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3mm Rose Gold Mirror (+£1.80) 3mm Royal Blue 727 Acrylic 3mm Polar White Frosted S2 030 3mm White 069 Acrylic 3mm Lemon Bonbon 2170 Acrylic (+£0.50) 3mm Ivory 133 Acrylic 3mm Lilac SA 7562 Acrylic (+£0.50) 3mm Candy Floss Blue 7489 Acrylic (+£0.50) 3mm Mint Green SA6382 Acrylic (+£0.50) 3mm Sour Grape 7563 Acrylic (+£0.50) 3mm Pale Grey 9981 Acrylic 3mm Bright Pink 4415 Acrylic 3mm Primary Red 433 Acrylic 3mm Orange 363 Acrylic 3mm Primary Yellow 260 Acrylic 3mm Lime Green 6T81 Acrylic 3mm Primary Green 650 Acrylic 3mm Dark Blue 744 Acrylic 3mm Purple 886 Acrylic 3mm Black 962 Acrylic 3mm Silver Mirror Acrylic (+£1.00) 3mm Gold Mirror Acrylic (+£1.80) 3mm Dark Grey 3mm Pink Mirror (+£1.80)

15cm Wide 20cm Wide (+£1.00)


Our New House Number blanks are designed to give your customers that final touch to the appearance of their home.

Our kit comes in 3 parts, the 3mm thick premium front clear acrylic plate, to which vinyl can be applied. A back 3mm coloured plate which you can select above and a pair of stainless steel standoff fixings. 

The image shown is just an example of how you can add the numbers and road name to the sign, no vinyl is supplied by Crafty Pig Designs. 
The vinyl example shown in the image can be obtained from The Crafters Vinyl Emporium

Screws and wall plugs are not supplied.

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