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3mm Blue 727 Acrylic 3mm Frosted Acrylic 3mm White 069 Acrylic 3mm Pale Baby Pink 4522 3mm Ivory 133 Acrylic 3mm Pale Grey 9981 Acrylic 3mm Bright Pink 4415 Acrylic 3mm Primary Red 433 Acrylic 3mm Orange 363 Acrylic 3mm Primary Yellow 260 Acrylic 3mm Lime Green 6T81 Acrylic 3mm Primary Green 650 Acrylic 3mm Dark Blue 744 Acrylic 3mm Purple 886 Acrylic 3mm Black 962 Acrylic 3mm Clear Acrylic 3mm Dark Grey

No Holes 2 holes at sides 8.2mm (for stand offs) 2 holes at sides (down shortest side) 2.5mm holes 2 holes at sides 5mm (for screws) (shortest edge) 2 Holes top even (along top - longest edge)(2.5mm holes)

500mm wide (+£3.10) 200mm wide 400mm wide (+£2.10) 300mm wide (+£1.10) 800mm wide (+£6.60) 700mm wide (+£5.10) 600mm wide (+£4.10)


3mm Acrylic Street Sign Back (Shape 2)(1 layer) 100mm high

these are available in standard colours red, white, black, purple etc

they are 3mm thick and laser cut into the street sign shape

Size available: by height

  • 200 x 100mm
  • 300 x 100mm
  • 400 x 100mm
  • 500 x 100mm
  • 600 x 100mm
  • 700 x 100mm
  • 800 x 100mm

We can provide the svg file for vinyl users, please email us or message through our facebook page.

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