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No Holes 2 Holes (top even) 2 holes at sides

300mm wide 500mm wide (+£3.50) 800mm wide (+£11.00) 700mm wide (+£8.00) 400mm wide (+£2.00) 600mm wide (+£6.50)


3mm Acrylic Street Sign Back (2 layers)

these are available with white back ground and black lettering.

they are 3mm thick and laser cut into the street sign shape with a top layer in black with border and lettering.

Please type the wording how you want it cutting i.e. THE SMITH FAMILY or The Smith Family. LIVE LOVE LAUGH or Live Love Laugh, we will cut it how you type it.

We cannot cut small names and letter in acrylic so please be aware of this.

We can't cut names to go under the top line, but you could use vinyl for adding.

Size available: by height

  • 300 x 150mm
  • 400 x 150mm
  • 500 x 150mm
  • 600 x 150mm
  • 700 x 150mm
  • 800 x 150mm

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