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1 Hole (top middle) No Holes 2 Holes top even (along top - longest edge)(2.5mm holes) 1 Hole Top Middle 1 Hole Bottom Middle


80mm (+£0.30) 50mm (+£0.10) 60mm (+£0.10) 300mm (+£2.50) 200mm (+£1.60) 70mm (+£0.30) 150mm (+£1.10) 40mm 90mm (+£0.50) 400mm (+£3.50) 500mm high (+£4.60) 100mm (+£0.60) 350mm (+£3.00) 250mm (+£1.80)


6mm mdf letters and numbers - leave a note saying which letters and the exact style i.e. Upper and Lower cases

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ORDER INDIVIDUAL LETTERS AT A CERTAIN SIZE YOU NEED TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT SOME LETTERS SUCH AS i j g y and t l h WILL COME AT THE SIZE YOU ORDER.  If you are wanting a phrase, name or words to go on a plaque and to be in proper proportion you need to order the name, phrase or word in its entirely rather than 2x r 4 x c as the letters will not be the corresponding size due the computer programme settings, if you are unsure please email us for further instructions.

If you leave a note saying Jordan thats is how it will be cut if you want JORDAN that is how it will be cut - please type exactly how you want the letters to be cut and spelling mistakes are not the responsibility of We.

If you type in 8 letters into the notes box, but only purchase 7, the final letters in the request will be removed until the letters orders and quantity paid for match.

Our letters are perfect for adding that extra special touch to all crafting designs.

Choose from the picture this is the full alphabet and letters will be laser cut exactly as the picture.


Fonts can be found on google.

Sizes Available(*)

2cm to 10cm


(*) Sizes advertised are based on the longest dimension

Laser Cut MDF Craft Shapes, Accessories and Embelishments for Crafters and Hobbyists.

All of our crafting shapes and blanks are laser cut(*) for a clean precision crafting blank or detailed shape.

We reserve the right to alter any designs at any time, by purchasing this item you agree to our Terms & Conditions (opens in new window).

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